RRR Season 8 - Episode 07: BestMatch.com!

Welcome to August's episode of RRR! This initially was supposed to be our SDCC 2017 episode, and at the core, it is. We discuss all of the new information (and our insane hype) for Kamen Rider Build. This spirals into an impromptu discussion about the current state of Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Together they are strong, but individually, both shows aren't doing nearly as well as they should be, which is definitely a shame. We discuss what's happening, what could happen in the future, and our ideas to rejuvenate both franchises. Then we briefly talk about SDCC, because it felt like a quiet one this year.

Our next episode will be early September, where we will be discussing the finale of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and the first episode or two of Kamen Rider Build (and Ninja Steel's return I guess but uggghhhhhhh.)


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