RRR Season 7 - Episode 26: Genm! New Ghost Hoodies and Genm!

Because, you know, four year old Target commercial references are totally the hip and cool thing to do for episode titles. Soon enough we're gonna show up with the dank memes of 2009 or some shit. Welcome as we set off on a journey to cover all the latest news that I don't even remember despite just editing this yesterday. I do remember however that we talked about Zyuohger, Ex-Aid (YES), and Dino Super Charge, even though we really only like one of those shows. Pokemon takes up a vast majority of Ramble Time as the latest trailer for Sun and Moon somehow hyped us even MORE than it did before. Of course, Agents of SHIELD joins DCTV to comprise the rest of this lovely thing called Ramble Time. Peace you Genm wearing hippies.


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