RRR Season 7 - Episode 03: Ohranger, Where Art Thou?

Welcome to the grand finale of The RRR Podcast, as all the major networks are clearly trying to kill their shows and put us out of a job! Damn you networks! Shows should never end! For real though, with the finales of Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Arrow behind us, and no major summer shows to speak of, we need to think of something new and stupid to bring you every week. I'm sure we'll think of something. For now, join us as we talk about all those things! And Zyuohger! And some news! That's about it really. Join us next week for a copious amounts of ????.

It's gonna be a long summer...This isn't actually the finale by the way...we're just gonna be really boring.
Might be working on something a little more exciting theme wise, but I'm gonna need some time, so enjoy theme medley until then.

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