RRR Season 7 - Episode 01: The Streets Awaken!

With Season 6 under our belts, it's time to begin an all new jam packed season of RRR goodness! In other news, it's basically a normal episode, complete with a horribly failed attempt at being witty and funny. That aside, a ton of news broke out the past week including the movie suits, all new Pokémon Sun and Moon information and more! The usual Zyuohger and Ghost discussion ignites for Super Hero Time, followed by a Ramble Time filled with the continuing episodes of Pokémon, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD. To add some excitement to the Season 7 premiere, we discuss our thoughts on Marvel's latest outing, Captain America: Civil War.

A final theme isn't really completed for Season 7 yet, so I whipped up a little "themes through the years" medley. I'll work on a shorter version for next week's episode! Who here has listened to each of these themes live. Enjoy guys.

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