RRR Season 6 - Episode 37: Ramble Time Awakens!

The Rambling Menace, Attack of the Ramblers, Revenge of the Ramble, A New Ramble, The Ramble Strikes Back, Return of the Rambler, and finally, the next exciting chapter, Ramble Time Awakens! Join an all new cast, including an incredibly attractive female lead, the next Mr. Universe, and an ethnic fellow that joins our brigade of old and busted returning heroes that everyone was really hyped to see again but ultimately enjoyed the new people more in the next exciting installment of Ramble Wars!

Okay, real talk. It's still us, doing our usual shit. Intro, 1-Ups, Newds, Ninninger, Ghost, TMNT, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Star Wars Rebels, TTMF, the norm. Humor game was on point though. Man, I'm tired.
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