RRR Season 6 - Episode 01: Where We’re Going…We Need the Streets Again!

This is our something else. After making joke after joke about how we're turning into a DC Podcast, we decided to get an intro that mirrored that! I'll be tweaking the intro a bit over the next few shows until I get it exactly how I want it. Having to record the dialog while recovering from a cold is the worst. We hope you all enjoy it though! Join us as we sit through 30 minutes of Kevin telling us about his wedding and honeymoon. Once everyone wakes up, it's time for Ninninger 11 and Drive 29, followed by an epic Ramble Time consisting of Pokémon, TMNT, The Flash, and the season finale of Arrow. We get to talk about Supergirl's trailer too! It was fun. Here's to an exciting season six!

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