RRR Season 5 - Episode #12: Oh Mai!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our interview with Kerrigan Mahan was delayed a week. This means you have extra time to get your questions in! Be sure to submit your questions for him via our Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. You can also submit a word or phrase you would like Kerrigan to say in one of his character voices, so submit those as well!

Insert Ian joke here. Join us this week as one member is forced to use Skype Mobile to beam himself in as the rest of the crew deals with hearing themselves in an echo. Regardless, we make it through the echos and bring you the latest news including Zyuranger on DVD, Ryugen's final form, and several other news from SDCC! ToQ 22 and Gaim 39 hit up the discussion scene, with a Ramble Time full of discussion and news regarding Korra, TMNT, and Falling Skies, with an update on the Book Club viewing of Kakuranger! Finally, we see what you guys think is the best Blue Ranger! 

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