RRR Season 4 - Episode #7: Aresol HD!

So now he's either on a 200s channel, on Blu-Ray, or an iPad App. This title stemmed from Aresol getting a new headset, which caused Dosm and mysel to flip the fuck out because his voice now sounded normal and weird. Nothing better came to Dosm's mind so the title stuck. I'm slowly getting used to this new, more powerful Aresol. Join us as we discuss Bandai's slew of SDCC Exclusives, and the newest scans for Wizard and Kyoryuger! Super Hero Time ignites with Kyoryuger 18 and Wizzles 40. Ramble Time continues to see a slight bump thanks to 90s fueled nostalgia conversations with Pokémon, Danball Senki Wars, Sam & Cat, and the literal ramble time. We wrap up with the Twitter Questions.

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Show Notes