RRR Season 4 - Episode #5: Fift-E3 Shades of Gray!

Title brought to you by both Shuki and Dosm. Our "51 shades of Kyoryu Gray" that was mentioned in the bloopers of "50 Shades of Kyoryu Gray" morphed into this E3 pun I made up. I'm rather proud of it. Join us as we spend most of the episode talking about Sony, Nintendo, and Pokémon news from E3. So many games, so little time. We forego summaries this week to save on time with discussions of Kyoryuger 17, Wizard 39, and Akiba 2 09. Garo's Corner leads into Ramble Time featuring Pokémon, Danball Senki Wars, Transformers Prime, and Sam & Cat, because we ran out of other things to discuss. Finally we conclude with the Twitter Questions in a non-truncated form.

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Show Notes

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