RRR Season 4 - Episode #49: Saving Private Orion!

He was lost. He was saved. As were his privates, since Kevin was so concerned about them. Regardless, Orion actually found a morpher, saved himself, took down a ship with a rock and a slingshot, repaired it, flew it, and found Earth all by himself. The man's got good looks, a slick jacket, and the survival skills of Bear Grylls. There you go ladies and homosexual gents. We found your Ranger right here.
Join us as we discuss the latest gossip in the PR world, including JDF's potential new shenanigans, as well as a discussion on The Tokusatsu Network's wonderful interview with Mr. Robert Baldwin (Ramirez from Kyoryuger!). For episodes, we discuss the latest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, and Super Megaforce, as well as Ramble Time through Pokémon, Ben 10, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Finally, we conclude with a duo of Twitter Questions. Spoilers. Twitter exists still.