RRR Season 4 - Episode #2: The Side Streets!

Jedimon took a different side street. I think he was listening to the KittenFaerie GPS and it told him to turn in the wrong direction. Hopefully we'll find him. Join the remaining three in an entirely different side street, where the news is presented in one giant chunk! I was really lazy this week. Anyway, join us as we discuss Kyoryuger 14, Wizard 36, Akibaranger Season 2 06, the latest episode of Garo 3, and Ramble Time it up with Pokémon, Revolution, Danball Senki Wars, and the finale of Doctor Who. Finally we conclude with another round of Facebook Question. See everyone on the main street soon!

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Show Notes

I don't have a link to my head where I got all this week's news from, so just visit Herotaku, JEFusion, and RangerCrew, the usual sources. Yup.


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