RRR Season 4 - Episode #10: The Plezuon’s All Mine!

It's not in a greedy way, so I hope everyone gets the pun. Alternative title was "It's a Plezuon to Meet You" apparently. That one is actually probably better. Anyway, join the quartet this week as we discuss the latest of Gaimu and Power Rangers straight from Comic Con, consisting mostly of some Legendary toy reveals regarding Super Megaforce and the 20th Anniversary line. There's some Tamashii crap too. Discussions intense with Kyoryuger 21, Wizard 43, Garo 15, newcomer Ultraman Ginga 01, Pokémon, newcomer Beware the Batman, and Danball Senki Wars. There's also random discussions about the state of Fudge Stripe Cookies, and a tangent about how awesome Who's Line is. Also Kevin's 1-Ups are in the middle of the news. That's just how we do things now. Enjoy!