RRR Season 3 - Episode #35: J-Date!

FEATURING SKYPE SOUNDS! No really, I'm really sorry about that. I had no idea my recording software was recording the Skype beeps too. I turned them back off so it won't be a hassle anymore. Anyway, join us in this rather abridged episode, where we discuss the only important news: Pokémon X & Y! We also discuss the latest episodes of Go-Busters and Wizard, as well as Pokémon, Ben 10, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. Finally, we calmed the war and bring you last week's Facebook Question, as well as this week's Twitter Questions! Join us next week in a Skype-sound-less episode with hopefully more news and content and fun. Also possibly some new Nate's Vlogs jokes. Time to come back, alive and shit.


Show Notes

New Megaforce Toy Listings

New Kyoryuger Trailer

Introducing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y


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