RRR Season 3 - Episode #28: The Karateroid Kid!

Staring Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan...and the Go-Busters. Watch as Ryuji, with the assistance of Jackie Chan, must teach Will Smith's psycho son the ways of the karate spy engineer Samurai of justice. I can't drag this any further. Join us as we discuss the latest in Megaforce, Kyoryuger, and TMNT! Super Hero Time ignites with Go-Busters 39, Wizard 11, and "The Great Duel" episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai! After that, we ramble on and on about Pokémon, Ben 10, TMNT, and Revolution. Finally we conclude our show with finding out your favorite Bandai America Power Ranger lines! Join us next week for more news, more discussion, and more rambles!


Show Notes

Megaforce Toys are Out!

Newest Kyoryuger Rumors (Probably Fake)

New TMNT Toys for 2013!


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