RRR Season 3 - Episode #27: Newdless!

In the wake of having no note worthy news this week, we spend the first portion of this show telling stories. Yes. Riders, Rangers, and Stories. News wise, the only thing worth mentioning is the Megaforce toy listings, which offer nothing in the way of being new, and include no pictures. A bunch of random DVD announcements too, but nothing all that grand. We waste away our newdless time and continue to Super Hero Time! SHT includes Go-Busters 38, Wizard 10, and the Super Samurai episode "Fight Fire with Fire." We move along to Ramble Time with Pokémon, Ben 10, TMNT, Avengers, and Revolution. Finally we wrap up with the Twitter Questions of the Week!


Show Notes

Megaforce Toy Listings on ToyWiz


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