RRR Season 3 - Episode #06: #WhatTheFork

This title both accurately describes this episode of the Podcast, this episode of Go-Busters, this episode of Akibaranger, and possibly Megamax as well. Join us as we discuss the latest in Cards, Wizards, Wood Nymphs, and illusions. We're like a regular game of D&D up in here. After the newds we move on to a very forked up Super Hero Time, featuring an "Oh Shit!" episode of Go-Busters, and our very own summary and discussion of Movie War Megamax, to take the place of Fourze, which ironically got pushed back because of golf. Let that one sink in for a while. There ALMOST wasn't an Akibaranger 11, as some greater power (probably controlled by Jedimon and the Akiba Haters) tried to stop us from reviewing it! Fortunately, we fought the evil brain ticks and managed to both summarize and discuss! Wait a minute...no wonder Jedimon got written out of show to work in Europe...HE'S THE MASTERMIND BEHIND OUR ALMOST AKIBALESS EPISODE! Hopefully we can use the power of friendship, magic, and breasts to return Jedimon to his normal cooky self. Wish us luck! Oh yeah, Ramble Time's slowly decaying form sticks around for Pokémon, ThunderCats (Sayonara...?), and Legend of Korra. We conclude with Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness! Time to go cure Jedimon with breasts. Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan...


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What's News?

From Soundout: ACE 2012 - Godzilla Panel with Matt Frank! (His other ACE videos are all up now and weren't at the time of our recording, be sure to check those out as well!)

By Ultrapunch: Akibaranger 11 Review (which goes along great with our current quest!)

By Aresol: Trade Junkie - Runaways: Pride and Joy


The Newds!

Advent Card Archives!

Kamen Rider Wizard Confirmed!

Hector to Return for Megaforce?

Returning Rangers for Megaforce?


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