RRR Season 3 - Episode #02: How to Rokku!

No, not the Avatar, the music! Join us as we team up with the JK, Capricorn Zodiarts, Wataru, Kengo, and Antonio to form an era of ROCK that no one has seen before! There's so much rock in this episode, Jedimon sings three times! For those of you still willing to venture into this episode, hope everyone enjoys the new theme! In our second venture into the new part of the streets, we discuss some of the latest news, including the Power Ranger DVDs, and Beet Buster's identity. Super Hero Time rocks on with Go-Busters, Akibaranger, and Fourze's latest episode. Ramble Time continues with discussions on all our favorite shows, including newcomer Legend of Korra, where Shuki and Dosm discuss the show's first seven episodes. We wrap up with some Facebook Question action!

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Show Notes

SHF Claw Module in Dengeki Hobby?

Lionsgate Super Samurai DVDs!

Lionsgate TMNT Season 10!

The MMPR-LG Set does not have a news story, as the information wasn't supposed to be public yet, and Shout! requested it be removed from sites. We still discuss it though! :D

Beet Buster's Identity Revealed!


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