RRR Season 2 - Episode #52: BullZord on Deck!

MOO! Join us for our epic, discussion filled Season 2! A small batch of news, headlined by the announcement of a 40-Disk MMPR-LG Power Rangers DVD Set, joins along with many, many episode discussions. Super Hero Time is filled to the brim with Go-Busters, 2 episodes of Akibaranger, Fourze, AND the latest episode of Super Samurai! For our Facebook Question, we read the viewer's favorite RRR Podcast moments, and share some of our own as well. Ramble Time concludes with a nice (possible spoiler filled discussion of The Avengers film! Finally we conclude as normal with the Twitter Questions of the week. BullZord is here too, getting into some on sea hijinx while hiding from Mr. Deker and Miss Dayu. Join us for the most discussion filled episode yet! It's also the longest episode yet! Kept this one long to celebrate the 2-Year anniversary. Thanks for a great two years, and here's to more to come!

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Show Notes

Abaranger & Magiranger Ranger Key Sets!

Clearer Look Great Go-BusterOh!

Akibaranger Toys!

Japanese Mystic Force Trailer!

Ninja Storm: The Next Morphenomenon!

Super Samurai Graphic Novel!

Power Ranger DVD Announcement!


RRR Facebook!

RRR Twitter!


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