RRR Season 2 - Episode #48: LOL!

LUL! HASHTAG WTF! Yeah...so we spend our 100th episode on a title like "LOL." Apparently to celebrate the other 99 funnier titles. So yeah, this is our uncelebratory 100th episode! Instead, we're gonna do a team-up between the 100th episode and the 2 year anniversary to do an epic Celebration Taisen! It will be awesome, and this episode, and the anniversary special will stand next to each other while things explode. Think of the possibilities! Keep an eye on the Ramboards for celebratory threads and such. Meanwhile, enjoy this episode where we discuss new Buster Machines! We continue the tradition of Go-Busters, Fourze, and Super Samurai Summaries, with an added twist, Akibaranger! Now that the show has started, it will join our line-up of summaries and discussions until the show concludes, because two of the three of us love it. We start our now weekly second half of the show where we hit up the Facebook Question of the Weeklyness, Ramble Time, and the Twitter Questions of the Week!

RRRnRRR: Kamen Rider Kuuga will debut this coming Tuesday! Stay tuned!

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New Buster Machines!


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