RRR Season 2 - Episode #45: Introducing, the McRoids!

Available now for a limited time only! Get it before it's gone! Every fresh McRoid meal comes with our premium burger, fries, and a McCafe Shake. For an even limiteder time, order now to receive our premium, all dog Hot Dog, an ice cream cone, and a box of our all white meat Chicken McNuggets. Don't be alarmed if the McNuggets fly out of the container and fly around in a snake like pattern. This is a normal occurrence. In fact, don't be surprised if your entire damn meal starts dancing away to go on adventures with a young british man. While you're eating and or chasing your McRoid meal, be sure to listen to the latest episode of RRR, in which we discuss a tiny amount of Akibaranger and SHT news, discuss the latest episodes of Go-Busters, Fourze, and Power Rangers Super Samurai! We also bring you the conclusion of RRRnRRR with the last portion of Dragon Ball, the show that started it all! We conclude by answering our barrage of Twitter Questions of the Week! Enjoy your meal, and enjoy the listen, only at RRR! Discuss the episode here! --- Show Notes Ban in New Akibaranger Promo! More SHT Voice Revealed! SHT Net Videos Announced! - Dragon Ball Wiki RamBoard's Dragon Ball Thread - RRR Facebook! RRR Twitter! --- As always you can download the standard MP3 of the podcast HERE. Of course, you can download the enhanced M4A of the podcast by clicking HERE, or subscribing via your favorite music player or RSS Feed reader. The enhanced version features changing album art, and embedded links to check out just what we are talking about, as we talk about it!