RRR Season 2 - Episode #32: Chris Xros Wars!

JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! Wait, that's Kris Kross. My bad. Despite our lack of epic jams or a well choreographed dance featuring Will Smith and Carlton Banks, we DO however have our RRRnRRR edition of Digimon Xros Wars, with special guest, Chris! Before fun time with Chris however, we have a epic time with the latest nudes. Join us as we discuss Rouse Cards, the latest trends of Bandai's distribution, All Pink Gokai Changes, Change Gryphon, and what to expect from Toei every Spring. We continue our episode discussions with Gokaiger 43 and Fourze 15. We wrap up the show with our local Digimon Intersect, Chris.

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Show Notes

Premium Bandai Blade Rouse Card Archives!

No Fourze for Christmas...

All Pink (and more!) Gokai Change!

Change Griffin for Gokaiger?

Super Hero Spring Time!


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