RRR Season 2 - Episode #14: Bow Ties Are Cool!

This is an odd episode. I won't deny that. In light of next to no news ever, we pretty much just pull random tidbits of news out of our butts to discuss. Exciting! For our episode discussions, we hit up Gokaiger 25 and OOO 46. Our discussions intensify a bit, as we're heading to the halfway point and end game respectively. We commence Ramble Time this week with a long discussion about how annoying franchise reboots are. There's some other things sprinkled in there too, it was honestly a menagerie. A good one though, I promise.

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Show Notes

Fourze in OOO's Net Movie!

Candy Toy Astro Switches!

Fourze Theme Title Revealed!

SPD airing in Japan!


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