Title is multiple jokes in one! Join us this week as we take our first look at the official pictures of Kamen Rider Fourze! We keep up with the OOO with some looks at a Premium O-Medal Collection. Lastly, we dive into a big chest of keys with a look at all the recently announced Capsule and Ranger Key Sets. Due to the US Open hiatus of Super Hero Time, we take a look at the lasted Rider movie, Movie War Core. It has Skull in it so it can't be ALL bad...right? We conclude the cast with RRRnRRR's debut of Power Rangers SPD.

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Show Notes

Fourze, the Rocket Rider!

Premium O-Medal Collection!

Ranger Keys! Capsule Version!

Ranger Keys! Set Version!


RRR Fansub Source

Movie War Core's Wikipedia Page


Power Rangers SPD on Wikipedia

Power Rangers SPD on RangerCentral

Power Rangers SPD The RamBoard's Thread


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