Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #46: We’re BFF Facebook Friends…In 3D!!!

DOSM QUITS LIVE! We hope he gets kidnapped and tortured by the Ben 10 fans. Can't take a damn joke. Sheesh. While he bails on us, ShukuenShinobi and Jedimon continue to bring you the latest Toku news in the craziest way possible. Join the duo as they discuss Eternal New Figuart Form, PuToTyra, Super Sentai 199 Hero Movie, and the fact that UK gets MMPR reruns before we do. We also discuss some licensing news, and the fact that 4Kids got pwned. For our summaries, we of course bring you Gokaiger 06, OOO 27, and Samurai 08. Despite Dosm being the major advocate of this project, we continue on with our PR Season Discussion with MMPR Season 01. Such sweet nostalgia shit.

Show Notes

Eternal Red Flare

PuToTyra Update

Gokai goes NikiNiki!

MMPR on Nicktoons UK

4Kids gets Sued!


RRR Fansub Source

Rangerboard's Samurai Encode Thread


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