Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #41: We Changed Our Minds…Again!

WE ARE HYPOCRITES I TELL YOU. EVERY TIME WE HATE SOMETHING, IT TURNS OUT TO BE AWESOME. First OOO, now Gokaiger. I give up. Thank you Toei, for turning us into bigger liars than we already were. It never ends. Anyway, join us in this epic episode, where we discuss the latest Capsule and Candy Toy releases, Figuarts releases, Exclusives, OOO Rumors, an explosive Let's Go Kamen Rider reveal, and some little chit chat about our new favorite Sentai. We begin our voyage through Gokaiger with a discussion of Episode 1, and continue to count the Medals with OOO 22, and morph into Samurai Episode 03. Fun times are had. Yarr.

Show Notes

Gashapon Ranger Key Set 01

Candy Toy O-Medal 3 & Capsule O-Medal 4

Ishinomori Web - Figuarts Zero Taboo Dopant

S.H.Figuarts Birth & Shadow Moon

July's Tamashii Web Exclusives


OOO Rumors!

Rumored OOO Movie Rider

OOO TaMaShii Combo!

Let's Go Kamen Rider HUGE Update!

DekaRangers Return for Gokaiger


TV-Nihon's Gokaiger Episode 01

TV-Nihon's OOO Episode 22

Hot Megazord Sex

Dekabroken's Encode of Samurai Episode 03


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