Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #4: BEARZILLA!!!

This one was a challenge for us, due to a huge technical error during recording that we had to work our asses around. Considering the error, I think only one day late is making good time. In essence, I appologize for the delay, and the few bits of static coming from my mic in this episode. I cleaned it up the best I possibly could. In the forth episode of Riders, Rangers, & Rambles, we discuss the latest, breaking news from the Licensing International Expo, held in sunny Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (You have no idea how much we heard that...) We also discuss the latest bits of toy news, featuring GroundGoseiGreat, and the line up of June Releases. To jump into the visual side of things, we discuss the Episode Yellow Trailer, the latest OOO rumor, and then dive deep into the Licensing Expo. For our episode discussions this episode, we feature Kamen Rider Double episode 37, Tensou Sentai Goseiger episode 16, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 Green with Evil Part 4 & 5. As always, lots of jokes and laughter to be had, and we all hope you enjoy our forth episode. As stated in the cast, we are starting to except donations to fund a better website, advertising, and other expenses to make the cast the best it can possibly be. If you would like to donate, please send money via the "Payment Owed" option on Paypal to: ridersrangersandrambles@gmail.com. I'll try to get a nice little button to press shortly. :) Thanks to all who choose to donate, anything helps. Speaking of advertising, if you wish to advertise on Riders, Rangers, & Rambles, please shoot us an e-mail at: ridersrangersandrambles@gmail.com, and we can work out some sort of advertising deal. As always, if you want to apply to be a guest host, send an e-mail to us as well. I've stated before that the M4A of the cast should feature embedded links. For some reason, only the encoding of Episode 2 has worked. I'm currently working on trying to solve the issue for future episodes. For now, I will continue to feature all the would-be embedded links in the Show Notes below. Show Notes HLJ Super Sentai Sale Photos of GroundGoseiGreat List of Toy Releases Chou Den-O Episode Yellow Trailer HJU's Kamen Rider OOO Rumor Thread HJU's Licensing International Expo Thread Ryokuya's Upload of the Saban Rep Interview Saban Brands Website As always, you can download the episode in MP3 format HERE. You can also subscribe via the RSS Feed, or via iTunes on the link in the right sidebar. Subscribing via the feeds lets you download the enhanced M4A file of the cast, which features changing album art, and embedded links, so please subscribe! You also simply download the M4A by clicking "Download" at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy our forth episode! Bye for now!