RRR Season 7 - Episode 22: A Bugster’s Life!

Let's game! Flash game! Arrow game! What's your name? I'm a shitty podcast! Join us as talk about some already massively irrelevant news because the PR movie trailer came out today and well, who really cares about anything else we talked about in this episode. The whacky antics of Misao and friends continue with Zyuoh 32, and Dino Super Charge continues to meander about while the villains do some pretty interesting stuff. Most importantly though, Ex-Aid has started, and graced us with its visual arcade of beauty. Even if you suck, you'll be a spectacle to watch every week. Ramble Time takes up most of the show as always as we endlessly talk about Pokemon, and obsess over the returns of The Flash and Arrow. Next week, Ramble Time is complete.


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