RRR Season 4 - Episode #19: Fo’ Shizzle My Wizzle!

This episode is late. Very late. But that's what happens when a random Shuki decides to sell his Figuarts at a moments notice and isn't prepared for it at all. Fun. Join us as we discuss some Pokémon like usual on a Toku Podcast. Super Hero Time explodes with Kyoryuger 29 and Wizard 51, marking the end of Wizard's main story. We lead directly into our Wizard Wrap-Up Discussion, followed by a second Wizard Wrap-Up with myself and Jedimon, since he fell asleep before the main one like normal. Finally we Ramble on with Pokémon, Batman, Digimon Fusion, the return of The Legend of Korra, and Danball Senki Wars! We wrap up with the Twitter Questions of the Week, where we talk about choking people. Yeaaaaaa.