RRR Season 3 - Episode #10: Lots and Lots of Toys!

Insert Dosm's opening rant here! Yes. There are lots and lots of toys in this podcast. Naked toys, Saiyan toys, robot toys, Wizard toys, Power Rangers toys, and probably a few other versions of toys too! Most of the time is spent on Wizard toys, as they are arguably the coolest thing announced thus far, maybe. Regardless, When we're done talking toys, we talk a little bit of Megaforce, followed by a blitz of SDCC news for our favorite shows! Super Hero Time commences with Go-Busters 21 and Fourze 43. Ramble Time rambles away with a Pokémon discussion and a less than favorable discussion of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Finally we hit up the latest Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness! Toys!


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Show Notes!

What's News at RRR!

"Artificial Intelligence: The Wii U - What We Know So Far" by Tarminuus

"Sword Art Online - Episode 1 Review" by John

"Tari Tari - Episode 1 Review" by John

"Campione - Episode 1 Review" by John

"So I Can't Play H? - Episode 1 Review" by John

"Go-Busters Mission 13 & 14 Review" by Sengalboy

"RRRnRRR: Kamen Rider Blade!" by The Podcast Trio and Aresol


The Nudes!

S.H.Figuarts Ending? LOL NO.

New Tamashii Products From Comic-Con!

Kamen Rider Wizard Toy Catalog!

Wizard Upgrade Forms Revealed!

PR Anniversary Toys!

Gokaiger is Super Megaforce?

JDF in Megaforce?

Digimon Coming to DVD!


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