RRR Season 2 - Episode #17: Put a Smile On! Everybody Switch On!

This episode brought to you by Carnival Cruise Lines and Universal Studios, Florida! No wait, that’s just where Shuki is, nevermind. Yes, this episode is very short, but blame the Shinobi. He’s off having a life and doesn’t have the time to attend to RRR’s loyal listeners. Join us as we discuss the latest rumors, discuss Gokaiger 28, and most importantly, the first episode of our Rocket Rider, Fourze!

RRRnRRR will continue next week with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight! Stay tuned!

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Show Notes

Latst Gokaiger Rumors

Kamen Rider Club No More?!

Fourze x OOO Movie War MEGAMAX!

Antonio to be Bulk & Spike’s BFF!


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