RRR Season 2 - Episode #16: It’s OOOver, Fourze Now!

One chapter closes, and another begins, whether we want it to or not. This episode marks the return of some actual, decent news to converse with, as we discuss the latest Gokaiger tribute rumors, some Fourze scans, and the next toys you'll see in your McDonald's Happy Meal. As normal, we discuss Gokaiger 27 and OOO 48 for our discussions. Episode 48 marks the end of OOO rather enjoyable year. In honor of our fallen comrade, we discuss the episode in full, then take a look back at what we enjoyed about OOO's story, production, characters, suits, and music. Sort of a RRRnRRR kinda thing, but unofficial, because that's how we roll.

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Show Notes

Upcoming Gokaiger Tributes

Super Sentai on iTunes

Foruze's Theme Singer Revealed?

Fourze Scan Batch 1

Fourze Scan Batch 2

Samurai at McDonalds (with iCarly!)


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OOO on Wikipedia


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