RRR Season 6 - Episode 40: This is SpaRRRta!

This is where I'd normally make some funny comments about the title or something like that. While now's a best of time as any, I don't think I can. Guys, this is our 300th episode. THREE HUNDRED EPISODES. 300 episodes means we've recorded an episode of the podcast every week, for 300 weeks in a row. That's just insane. Our show might get next to no recognition, but it speaks miles for our dedication to manage to get together, even if it's only two of us, to record a show every week for the past 300 weeks. That is just insane, and I can't believe we've been able to come this far. Our lives keep expanding, and it becomes harder and harder to get this under control, but we all love this stupid little show to death, and will continue to pour our hearts into it. To all of our friends and fans that have supported us through all 300 of these episodes, thank you. Your support means the world to us, and it's what keeps us going each and every week.

Thank you guys for everything, and I hope you all have 5 hours to sit and listen to a bunch of nerds talk. We're sorry. Blame Ninninger for ending on our 300th show. Blame Ninninger for everything really. That's what I tend to do.
Again, thank you. Here's to another 300.
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