RRR Season 6 - Episode 31: Jyu Know That’s Right!!

It's time for Ramble Time's Mid-Season Finale! To celebrate the occasion, Aresol joins us once again to discuss all of the exciting shit that happened this week. We talk Jyuohger first looks and some Ganma Eyecons for the news before jumping ship to Toku Hero Time and or Spandex Hero Power Hour (and a half) with Ninninger 40, Ghost 09, and Dino Charge 19! Finally, we bid farewell to Ramble Time. While we have the usual discussions of Pokemon and Supergirl, we must bid farewell to our favorite discussion points of Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, Arrow, and iZombie. You know, the things that matter in life. It truly is a sad day. Thankfully Pokemon will never go anywhere ever, and Supergirl is sticking around for one more week. Thank you Supergirl. Not all hope is lost. Only most of it.

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