RRR Season 6 - Episode 02: Yo Gabi Gabi!

Huge thanks to our buddy Aresol for returning for this episode! In this exciting rendition of the RRR Podcast, we gabi about the latest S.H.Figuarts news, Rider rumors, and some other odds and ends before hitting up NInninger 12 and Drive 30 for our Super Hero Time Discussion! Since Aresol joined us this week, we have a talk about the first six episodes of Garo Goldstorm as well! Finally, the main event, a nice chunky discussion on the finale of The Flash! Farewell fastest man alive. See you next season. Ramble Time continues with a discussion on the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, TMNT, and of course, Pokémon.

I've just had the realization that Ramble Time will consist of NOTHING next week. Oh hell we're entering the dark times...
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