RRR Season 5 - Episode #11: Purple is the New Pink!

We had a pun off that show already but Dosm was adamant on using it again. Welcome to what is essentially Part 1 of our Kamen Rider Drive and SDCC coverage! In this episode we cover all of Wednesday and Thursday's SDCC events, as well as all the initial Kamen Rider Drive toy scans, even if they're still cluttered and really hard to see. We still have no suit. But this means that this episode contains the ever controversial Purple Triceratops controversy. Sexist? Business? Here us sound off on our opinions on the matter. As per the norm we hit up the latest episodes of ToQger, Gaim, Garo, Pokemon, and Korra for our Super Hero Time and Ramble Time discussions! We also introduce our weekly Kakuranger watchings into Ramble Time!

Next week is our big interview with Kerrigan Mahan, the voice of Goldar, the Magna Defender, and even Jeb the talking dog from VR Troopers, as well as many others! Be sure to submit your questions for him via our Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. You can also submit a word or phrase you would like Kerrigan to say in one of his character voices, so submit those as well!

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