RRR Season 5 - Episode #10: Gaim Out!

My only option right here would be to repeat the title, and that's just stupid. Instead, join us as we kick off our show with random shout-outs, a lengthy and jumpy 1-Ups, and the latest news on ToQRainbow and the MMPR Reboot Movie! With both ToQger and Gaim being incredibly subpar, we decide to discuss Kyoryuger 100 Years After, which was also kind of subpar. Garo was also not out when we recorded, so that potentially subpar show isn't on this episode. All in all, everything is subpar! We do however have some Pokémon news in Ramble Time, as well as a really long Korra discussion, and the return of Falling Skies once again this week. Join us at the end of the show for a very important announcement!

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