RRR Season 5 - Episode #04: Ding, Dong, the Linymf is Dead!

I seriously don't think I've ever shook my head so much at a title in my life, and we've had some pretty insane titles. For those that don't get it, "Linymf" is the anagram word Aesir uses for the Overlord's "specie" in Gaim. Apparently it's close enough to "witch" to pass as a pun. Join us as we triffle through what little news we have about Hyper ToQgers and Raffle Tickets to get to our discussion of ToQger 15, Gaim 32, and Garo: Flowers of Makai 09. Ramble Time sees the lowly discussion of Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special I. Finally we conclude with another RRR Caption Contest! Thus concludes our shortest episode ever.

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