RRR Season 5 - Episode #02: Gotta Kikaider It Up!

WATCH OUR MOVIE! Whoa. That was weird. It's like suddenly my life was taken over by powers that be to WATCH OUR MOVIE advertise some sort of film. Kikaider you say? Haven't watched WATCH OUR MOVIE him at all. Old and busted and such. I look forward to WATCH OUR MOVIE check out the reboot though, and hopefully even the old show. Regardless though, you should WATCH OUR MOVIE check our our latest episode of the cast, complete with the latest news of Kamen Rider Drive WATCH OUR MOVIE, Space Sheriffs, and other nonsense. After you WATCH OUR MOVIE finish that, check out Super Hero Time with ToQger and Gaim, along with Ramble Time filled with Pokemon and TMNT. Finally we WATCH OUR MOVIE end the show with the latest caption contest. I feel like I keep forgetting to tell you all to WATCH OUR MOVIE do something. Weird.
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