RRR Season 4 - Episode #47: Right on Gaim!

Double the heroes, double the pun. I already made a Doublemint Gum joke in these not too long ago, so I'm not going to again. Just enjoy the puns and move on. Join us in an epic timey whimey Podcast in which we start with 2 hosts, and end with 4! We multiply. Thanks to Kevin snoozing and Shuki's power going out at the worst time possible, Aresol and Dosm lead our show! Join them as they discuss the latest going ons in the Tokusatsu community, as well as discuss the ToQger vs. Gaim special. Finally Shuki and Kevin make it to the show to discuss Pokémon, Ben 10, the HIMYM finale, and the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters film. Hurray for lots of talking!