RRR Season 4 - Episode #3: 50 Shades of Kyoryu Gray!

I want everyone to imagine Bouken Silver and anyone else engaging in some crazy bondage practices. That's essentially what Dosm has created here. If this has scarred anyone for life, please direct all attention to him. Anyway, join the quartet as we discuss the latest in Akibaranger goods, Wizard News, and Kyoryu Gray. We hit up Kyoryuger 15, Wizard 38, and Akiba 2 07 for Super Hero Time, while Pokémon, Danball Senki Wars, and Revolution fill up Ramble Time. Finally we conclude with a long edition of the Twitter Questions of the Week. Stay put as we try to discover that missing shade of gray.

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Show Notes

Munyu Munyu Zubaaan!

Ranger Key Set Akibaranger!

Newest Wizard Scans!

Kyoryu Gray!

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