RRR Season 4 - Episode #24: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Baron!

I'm starting to think the Gaim puns will never end. Hopefully one day we will be blessed with a dinosaur pun, or maybe a samurai pun or even a Power Rangers pun. Something? Please? Anyway, join us as we talk about the latest episodes of Kyoryuger, Gaim, and Power Rangers Megaforce! Ramble Time continues with Pokémon, Ben 10, and The Legend of Korra. Finally we conclude with the latest Facebook question.

For those curious about Gouraigan, there's a strong chance we won't discuss it. After three episodes, we're rather indifferent about it, and don't have too much to discuss. If Aresol and Shuki keep up with it, there might be a mid-season and finale discussion, but not weekly discussions. Thanks!