RRR Season 4 - Episode #1: The Streets 4Ever!

Apparently we will always be homeless. Join us for our stunning Season 4 Premier that is no different than any other season, except we added Danball Senki Wars to Ramble Time! We do have a brand spankin new theme thanks to KamenRiderPez! We also have a slew of all new Album Art thanks to EGallardo! Huge thanks to those two for being genuinely awesome people. In this episode, we cover the latest in Megaforce and Pokémon! Super Hero Time charges in with Kyoryuger, Wizard, and Akibaranger Season Tsu! Finally Ramble Time rolls on with Pokémon, TMNT, Danball Senki Wars, and Doctor Who (Revolution will be added next week due to time constraints). We wrap up with another round of Twitter Questions. As always, thanks for listening, and here's to another crazy year.

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Show Notes

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