RRR Season 3 - Episode #AFD: In Your Space!

I CAN'T BELIEVE POWER RANGERS IS ENDING. It's only 1998, and I feel like this franchise has at least another 15 years going for it, I mean come on. First we lose VR Troopers, then the glorious Masked Rider, then fucking Beetleborgs, and now POWER RANGERS? What's next? Mystic Knights? It's like they just want to ruin my life. Join your roundtable of hosts: ShukuenShinobi, Rider, Jedimon1995, and SprayCan as we discuss some tidbits of news, make fun of Nintendo (SEGA!) and Jedimon1995 for buying into this Pokeyman fad. More importantly, we talk about POWER RANGERS IN SPACE: COUNTDOWN TO DESTRUCTION even though I didn't watch it yet. HAHA. As always we pop into our mail bag for some listener questions, and take a few questions from are awesome AnsweRRRing Machine. Yay technology! Enjoy the latest episode of RRR, which is bound to end given Saban is killing off all of our programs. Toodles.


So this was our glorious April Fool's Day episode. It was supposed to be scripted, well thought out, and actually release on April Fool's Day. Instead we winged the entire thing, scripted absolutely nothing, and didn't record it until April Fool's Day. So basically we tackled it in our usual RRR fashion: Unscripted, Unplanned, and Late. See, we had this idea where we'd do the entire episode as if it was 1998, and we'd discuss In Space and whatever other shows were on at the time. Thing is, we didn't research well, so it ends up coming across as a bunch of idiots pretending it's 1998 and not knowing what existed at the time. In fact, that's not too far from the truth. So enjoy as we make idiots of ourselves and throw around horrible 90s slang and idiocy!


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