RRR Season 3 - Episode #52: Saban Hammer!

The epic season finale is here! Unfortunately, Kevin got hit with the Saban Hammer, so the remaining three hosts had to continue without him. Saban wouldn't pay him enough money to attend the finale. Join us as we discuss the latest in Figuarts, the Super Best Henshin Belt line, Wizard's summer movie, and of course the slew of new Megaforce information regarding the returning actors and how Saban is a total dickweed! After we vent, Super Hero Time continues with Kyoryuger 12, Wizard 34, Akiba2 04, and Garo's Corner with Garo3 05. Ramble Time becomes a trio with Pokémon, Revolution, and Doctor Who! Finally we hit up the latest Facebook Question of the Week. Congrats to KamenRiderPEZ for winning the theme contest!

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Show Notes

SHF Powerful Rangers!

Super Best OOO Driver!

Super Best Den-O Belt!

Wizard Summer Movie: Wizard Clones and Golden Wizard!

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