RRR Season 3 - Episode #51: Never Say Dai!

Unless it has something to do with fairly interesting Sentai and or mud people. Or celebrating how great this episode of Akibaranger is! Join us as we discuss the latest and greatest news in Tokusatsu, including GaiaMemories! Yup! It's Season One all over again! We also discuss some toku movie info, as well as a handful of new Megaforce bits of information. Super Hero Time hits with Kyoryuger 11, Wizard 33, and Akiba2 3! Ramble TIme sees the addition of a new TMNT to the already continuing Pokemon, Revolution, and Doctor Who. Finally we conclude with the Twitter Questions of the Week. Great questions this week guys!

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Show Notes

SHF Sharivan and Shaider!

GaiaMemory Final Part 1!

GaiaMemory Final Parts 2 and 3!

First Kyoryuger and Wizard Summer Movie Info!

Megaforce Christmas Special Title!

Samurai Cast to Return to Megaforce!

Possible Super Megaforce Package Design!


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