RRR Season 3 - Episode #50: Plan Zandar!

TIME FOR PLAN ZANDAR! Not to be confused with Plan Xander. You see, Xander involves talking to people. Zandar involves infusing a sword with the power of dinosaur batteries and destroying them with electrical fonts. Personally I am more fond of Plan Zandar, but to each their own. Join us as we discuss the plethora of new Tamashii and Premium Bandai announcements, some Megaforce stuff, and have a live epic shopping event! We hit up Kyoryuger 10 and Wizard 31, and then hopping back in time to tackle Akiba2 02. Needless to say we're basically always a week behind thanks to how late the subs for Akiba2 come out. Ramble Time shrinks once again as we discuss Pokémon, Doctor Who, and Revolution. Finally we conclude with the Facebook Question. Remember, this is the last week of the theme contest!

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Show Notes

Check out Cybergundam's Blog for the latest S.H.Figuarts and Tamashii Releases!

CSM Accel Driver!

Premium Wizard Ring Legend Rider Selection!

Ranger Key Complete Selection...of Metal Heroes!

Entertainment Earth's Megaforce Case Breakdowns!

Jebo is Silver, and more Megaforce Stuff!


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