RRR Season 3 - Episode #48: Akiback to Action!

Having Akibaranger back is like having that aunt that spoils you come down for the weekend. You know you're in for enjoyment and all things happy. Sure, the first episode was a relatively boring clip show, but the rest of the show will hopefully prove as promising as the last few minutes of Episode 1. Join us as we discuss the S.H.Figuarts the show is going to bring us, as well as some random bits of Megaforce related things. Along with Akiba2 01, we summarize and ramble about Kyoryuger 08, Wizard 30, and Megaforce 09. We meant to talk about Garo, but Aresol and I forgot. Ramble Time is filled with discussion of Pokémon, Ben 10, Transformers Prime, Revolution, Doctor Who, and TMNT. Finally we conclude with the Facebook Question!

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Show Notes

Akibaranger's S.H.Figuarts Commercial!

Gokaiger Suits Spotted During Megaforce Filming!

Megaforce Hits the Nintendo 3DS!


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