RRR Season 3 - Episode #47: Robo Warming!

ROBO KNIGHT HATES GLOBAL WARMING. ROBO KNIGHT SMASH! Yeah. Join us in this fun filled episode as the gang departs without Jedimon (who got kidnapped by rebellious family members) and do the podcast by themselves. Join us as we talk about some stupid S.H.Figuarts news, stupid Ranger Key news, and some incredibly random news about a Hurricaneger V-Cinema because Nao Nagasawa wants to be in more films. Aresol takes Jedimon's place with a summary for Kyoryuger 07 while the summaries for Wizard 29 and "Robo Knight" continue as normal! Ramble Time continues with discussions of Pokémon, Ben 10, brief mentions of Revolution and Transformers Prime, while we see our first discussion of Doctor Who. Finally we wrap up with the Twitter Questions of the Week! Enjoy everyone, and remember, only you can prevent Robo Warming. Keep your robots cool.

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Show Notes

S.H.Figuarts Apollo Geist!

Figuarts ZERO Aquarius Zodiarts!

SHF Aka Ranger and Bouken Silver Release Dates?

Metal Hero Ranger Keys?

Hurricaneger V-Cinema!


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