RRR Season 3 - Episode #44: Yousa, Misa, & Medusa!

Hurray for a combination Jar Jar Binks joke, movie title joke, and general stupidity joke! And rhymes! Anyway, join us for a relatively short episode of RRR in which we discuss the nothing that is the news this week in a new ramble version of the news. I'd you'd like to see us tackle the news in this random format every week (with the links being only in the show note posts) then let us know! Super Hero Time charges in with Kyoryuger 04, Wizard 26, and the "Harmony and Dizchord" episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. Ramble Time sees its first death as we ramble about Pokémon, Ben 10, the fall of Star Wars, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. Sad to see such great shows coming to a close. Finally we conclude with the Bi-Weekly Facebook Question!

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Show Notes

Here's the only bit of news we talked about, the new TMNT game. Weird designs yo.

Here's that Rapeplay video Kevin found that I promised would be in the show notes. Yeah.


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