RRR Season 3 - Episode #43: Altkibaranger!

You would think this episode title would reference abusive fathers, or continue to make poor Grandma jokes, but no. Dosm stuck me with a pun off a news story instead. I have mixed feelings about these Altkibarangers, but it's Akibaranger, so it can't be bad. Right? RIGHT? Anyway, join us as we discuss the latest news surrounding S.H.Figuarts, Akibaranger, and Super Megaforce. Boots were spotted guys. That's exciting. I bet that fucking monkey from Dora is flipping a shit right now because he thinks he was spotted. Sorry monkey. Super Hero Time heats up with Kyoryuger 03, Wizad 25, and the Megaforce episode "United We Stand." Ramble Time enters with a full schedule of Pokémon, Ben 10, Star Wars, Green Lantern, Young Justice, and TMNT. Finally we conclude with the Twitter Questions of the week.

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Show Notes

Akibarangers, Tyranno Ranger, and Dragon Ranger Release Dates!

Wizard Hyper Battle DVD News!

New Akibaranger Season 2 Info!


Fury Diamond Explains What We Know About Super Megaforce


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